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You have a project to complete… except it was due yesterday! It is 2 AM and you are still struggling to finish. I hear you! You need to hire a person who is a great problem solver and a coder – but a person who will sit with you and guide you to get the project to the finish line.

My name is Meera and I am the founder at My expertise includes ReactJS, NodeJ, HTML, CSS, and Web development in general. I have also developed a few mobile Apps and ChatBots. I am local to San Francisco Bay Area and can listen to your requirements. Affordable Rates! I am 10 times cheaper than bay area developers and 10 times productive than overseas developers.

Get your project to the finish line!

I am !Flaker & !Bullshitter & !Buzzworder

Contact me at (408) 596-3372 email: Email Me! Check out my Linkedin Profile: Linkedin