How to add TailwindCSS in SvelteKit

I am sharing my setup that uses SvelteKit with TailwindCSS. This blog post is going to be extremely short – as the setup is very straightforward! Installation First start by creating a SvelteKit app Obviously, replace ‘my-app’ with name of your app. We are going to use npm package svelte-add to create configuration needed for […]

How to build a Simple Form using LowCode tool – AppSmith

Table of contents Introduction Build a Web Form using AppSmith Define Connections with DataSources Save Form Data in Google SpreadSheet Row Send notification email using SendGrid Complete onClick Action for Submit Button Deploy and Embed in Your WebSite Conclusion Introduction: The LowCode revolution wave is hitting the web development world. Going forward, I predict that […]

Perfect Life

I am building one-minute animation named ‘Perfect Life’ 👌. Inspiration for building a short animated movie came at the end of Covid Quarantine. I was about to have a milestone birthday and it dawns on me that things may go downhill health and wealth point of view. That made me wonder – where has the […]

Improve video engagement by adding a preview on your website.

In the internet era, people have grown accustomed to skimming through text and looking at photos. Still videos remain a great way to connect with the visitors.  I see many entrepreneurs  investing time and energy in crafting  beautiful videos to sell their product and services. These awesome creative people spend hours trying to come up […]

ShapeArt: WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin for Text layered over Shape

ShapeArt is a WordPress Plugin that will add custom Gutenberg blocks. The blocks will allow you to add content over a shape. ShapeArt eliminates need to hire a graphic designer – you can build your own art! Here are few Preset Shapes. Learn How to embed blob shapes in your posts.

Accept Payments using Atom Payment Addon for Gravity Form

Atom Payment is Indian Payment Gateway that allows you to accept Payments. Gravity Form is widely used plugin used to build drag-and-drop forms. This add-on will allow you to build a Gravity Form and enable you to receive Payments through Atom Payment Gateway. With this add on you can accept Online Payments using Atom Payment […]